Predict and prevent: next generation infrastructure management

Our innovative asset management solutions use the latest technology to reduce costs and improve safety across all infrastructure networks.


A lightweight rail measurement device designed to deliver accurate measurement structure data from a smart device.

Digital solutions for a modern rail network

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Immerse yourself in your network from the safety of your desktop

Design, survey and maintain rail infrastructure safely using OmniCapture3D and OmniSurvey3D solution.

We design and build measurement hardware and intelligent software to predict and prevent asset failures.

Connecting the dots in your asset data is key to predicting and preventing failure events. Our data capture products and services automatically identify trends and build a reliable, database of asset information. Your data is accessible at the click of a mouse and can be used on rail, road or utilities projects.

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    Omnicom Balfour Beatty – What we do

    Omnicom Balfour Beatty is improving the performance and safety of infrastructure networks. Our award-winning solutions put data at the forefront of infrastructure asset management and help operators to predict, prevent and plan maintenance efficiently.