A safe and innovative system to monitor the performance and condition of level crossings.

OmniLX allows users to remotely monitor the condition and performance of level crossings across the UK from the safety of their office. Through data loggers and intelligent algorithms, our platform logs the performance of every barrier operation enabling us to digitally inspect the asset efficiently.

How it works

Our OmniLX level crossing monitoring integrates seamlessly with Network Rail’s Omnilogger software to feed in real-time data. Installation follows the signal maintenance testing handbook principles and is plug and play into relocatable equipment building and location cases.

Details of the level crossings health is easily accessible via a web-based system with a user friendly interface. Notifications can be configured to inform users when their attention and input is required.

The output from OmniLX level crossing monitoring is presented via AssetView management system, which is universally recognised by Network Rail and available in the UK and overseas.

Key features

Digital signalling maintenance specifications tests are completed with every barrier operation:

  • LX75 (manually controlled barriers annual)
  • Test 075 (MCB quarterly)
  • LXi21
  • LC21*
  • LC11*
  • Live level crossing health status
  • Operational statistics such as road closure times
  • Crossing information such as barrier length
  • Notifications through email alerts
  • Fault diagnostic workflows


  • Trackmap replay functionality
  • Wind monitoring
  • Relocatable equipment building temperature monitoring
  • Pedestal temperature monitoring
  • Earth leakage detection

*additional parameters need to be tested on site for the full scope of the inspection


  • Reduces time on site through remote inspections
  • Continuous monitoring for assurance of the barriers performance
  • Comprehensive alerting and statistics
  • Enables users to prepare effectively for site visits
  • Easily accessible data via the web-based system
  • rail asset monitoring - OmniLX level crossing monitoring

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