State-of-the-art, high resolution images delivered to your desktop within hours.

Our award-winning system combines high resolution cameras and pattern recognition software, offering a revolutionary advance in technology for inspecting, mapping and monitoring of difficult-to-access areas. Eight hours of data can be captured at speeds over 160km/h and processed within 48 hours.

Using OmniVision creates a quality, digital record of infrastructure, building up an auditable and qualitative database. This means fewer manual inspections, less impact on services and more control of resources.

How it works

OmniVision has two integral parts: the image acquisition module and an offline post-processing system.

The image acquisition system captures high resolution areascan, linescan and 3D profiling images and can operate at speeds of up to 200km/h. It is modular, making it flexible in terms of system configuration and installation.

The post-processing system uses software to identify the location of rail defects (regular, irregular and compound) and assets. Business priorities can also be implemented to help prioritise individual or collections of defects for attention.

Once captured, data can be viewed in our OmniVision Viewer application. This application allows the user to navigate through, review and prioritise defects.

Key features

  • Automated object and defect detection
  • Large range of assets inspected including fasteners, rail surface and joints
  • Modules include 2D, 3D and Thermal imaging systems
  • Integrates with OmniRTPS and TrueTrak
  • Standard or customised recording enclosures to suit rolling stock needs


  • Significant reductions in the need for track visits, increasing safety and reducing costs
  • Reduced safety risk and disruption to the rail network
  • Creation of a digital record of existing track infrastructure
  • Qualitative and auditable assessment of infrastructure
  • Builds up a comprehensive database of track defects and their location
  • Better management information on the status and condition of the rail network

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