This measurement system ensures accurate high-speed measurements and large network coverage.

Understanding the clearance between a travelling train and a fixed piece of infrastructure is an essential requirement if we want to prevent incidents from occurring on the rail network. The first part of understanding the amount of space we have between a train and track is to measure how far away the track is from any obstacle. The LaserFlex structure profile measurement system accurately assesses this distance.

The position of the track can change through time and from maintenance activities, therefore it is necessary to measure regularly to ensure sufficient clearance still exists or identify locations that need attention. When large networks are involved then a high speed measurement system is required to keep an up to date record.

How it works

A number of lasers are arranged to provide an almost 360° continuous illumination of the infrastructure. A further series of overlapping cameras is arranged to capture and measure anything that is illuminated. A further set of cameras are used to reference all measurements to the rails.

Key features

  • 10mm measurements at 160km/h using LaserFlex structure profile measurement
  • No moving parts


  • Can be fitted between coaches, using an extended drawbar
  • High speed operation
  • High resolution
  • LaserFlex structure profile measurement

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