Bogie-mounted solution – Passenger fleet

The bogie-mounted track geometry solution allows for efficient track measurement by installing the device directly onto a passenger train.

Installing a measurement system on a passenger train removes the need for a whole host of additional running costs. By investing in a bespoke design to fit a passenger train, not only do you remove the need for a specialist vehicle but also the operator, train path and stabling costs.

We have the in-house capability to work with the customer to design not only the mechanical mounting but also the train interface, to truly make the measurement system part of the train.

How it works

The inertial bogie-mounted track geometry system measures the path of the vehicle bogie in space and the optical unit references these measurements to the rail head. This is achieved by projecting a sheet of laser light on a cross section of the rail, and capturing the image with a high definition camera, the output of which is used to produce the Y and Z coordinates of the rail.

Key features

  • Fully Compliant and verified to EN 13848
  • Option to obtain measurements at almost zero speed
  • Class 3R laser meets latest laser safety regulations
  • Passive self-cleaning optical system


  • Regular and routine measurement of the rail network for early identification of faults
  • Uses the available vehicle interfaces to minimise installation design
  • No disruption to services
  • No user intervention on the train
  • No user intervention to process or locate
  • Low data cost (per/G-bit)
  • rail track measurement product

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