TrackLocator provides a simple way to determine your current location in the standard rail referencing system of Engineering Line Reference and Mileage.

The TrackLocator Rail Location App uses your mobile device to convert your location into to a railway reference using our GeoModel of the rail network.

How it works

The TrackLocator app determines its current location on the UK rail network using the standard rail referencing system of ‘Engineering Line Reference and Mileage.’

The app uses your mobile device’s native mapping service to show your current location on a fully scalable map. It allows the user to take a picture, stamped with that location, including latitude, longitude of the current location, map-matched Engineer’s Line Reference (ELR), mileage, latitude, longitude, and also the user location to matched position difference.

Key features

  • Compatible with iOS, Windows and Android
  • Images saved to camera roll or gallery for easy access
  • Rail reference is displayed once a suitable location determination has been achieved


  • Real time accurate track position
  • Images stamped with positional information
  • Conversion between yards and chainage
  • rail services solutions

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