Dynamic pantograph gauging

Reduce the requirement for expensive infrastructure modifications.

This service leads to the avoidance of expensive structure modifications or replacement.

Our ClearRoute™2 gauging software includes a dynamic pantograph gauge. In comparison with traditional pantograph gauging techniques our approach saves space due to the dynamic calculations.

How it works

This gauge models the effect of pantograph sway caused by the local track and wind conditions. The modelled position of the pantograph also considers the overhead line system, wire height, uplift and eccentricity.

Key features

  • Uses less space than traditional pantograph gauging techniques
  • Pantograph gauge is calculated based on the local conditions
  • Makes best use of modern gauging practice and theory


  • Lowers the cost of route electrification
  • Has the potential to make electrification more economically viable
  • Reduces the need to physically alter or re-build structures

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