Fast, accurate, fully validated clearance calculations.

This software ensures significant cost and time savings for high volume gauging work.  HyperRoute™ rail gauging is server-based, enabling parallel calculations. The time required to complete simulations is reduced from days to hours.

Using HyperRoute™, we undertake absolute and comparative gauging assessments, and passenger stepping distance analysis.

How it works

HyperRoute™ rail gauging uses infrastructure data from Network Rail’s National Gauging Database or your survey data.  It also uses models of your vehicles and gauges to complete simulations.  Vehicle swept envelopes are generated in accordance with Railway Group Standard GMRT2173.

Key features

  • Approved by Network Rail and London Underground
  • Server-based architecture allows us to undertake calculations in parallel
  • Integration with Excel and CAD


  • Reduces the time required to complete simulations from days to hours
  • Detailed results output can include structure photographs and custom data streams
  • No special software required to view results

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