Interactive route mapping

Visualising your data enables more effective decision making.

These maps are a project management tool. They allow you to track problem areas, plan works and routes in-line with project progress, all through interactive route mapping. The maps are hosted online and provide a visualisation of your gauging dataset and any other datasets that you wish to integrate.

How it works

Gauging assessments are combined with a model of the railway network to produce the visualisation. We can include any of your own datasets during this process. You can filter our maps by any attribute in the data.

Key features

  • Interactive filters allow you to focus on different priorities
  • Can be integrated with your own datasets
  • Can be updated to reflect the current status of a project
  • Interactive route mapping allows precise planning and visual representation of your gauging dataset


  • You can use the maps to plan routing more efficiently
  • The maps provide a clearer understanding of the dataset
  • Maps can be shared among multiple users online

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