Platform gap analysis

Reduce the risk to passengers and optimise mitigations.

The output of this assessment allows you to clearly understand the risk of passengers falling between the train and your platforms.

Our unique platform gap analysis accurately models the stationary vehicle, including the suspension movements. We then measure the gap between the vehicle body, passenger footsteps and the platform edge.

How it works

Using VAMPIRE® analysis, we determine how the stationary vehicle responds to cant. This allows for the simulation to accurately position the vehicle body when stationary at a platform. The gap is measured along the length of the vehicle.

Key features

  • Accurate modelling of the stationary vehicle
  • More detailed understanding of the risk to passengers
  • Greater understanding of the platform – train interface


  • More effective targeting of passenger safety mitigations
  • Optimises the implementation of risk mitigation measures
  • Provides a decision tool for mitigation spending at every platform

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