AssetView web-based asset management

The interface enables you to remotely identify trends in the recorded data. Data can be analysed to support safety improvement, enhance asset use and reduce operating costs.

AssetView is a web-based asset management system. The system is compatible with most data loggers and event recorders. It is used to monitor over 400 interlockings on Network Rail infrastructure.

How it works

The versatility of the AssetView web-based asset management system to interface with multiple devices provides a robust and easy to use central system. It is universally recognised by Network Rail maintenance staff and management.

Key features

  • Web-based system with no additional software required
  • Tabular and graphical displays
  • User configurable alerts
  • Full track map replay
  • Event download facility
  • Ability to save and export data, graphs and track maps
  • Ability to send scheduled reports, SMS and email messages
  • Logic Inspector tool to allow relay timings to be analysed in detail graphically
  • All system configuration is done by us, saving you working hours


  • Improved safety through predicting and preventing asset failures
  • Reduction of costs through extending asset life
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Reduction of train delays and associated costs
  • Reduction of costs associated with incident investigations

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