A safe and accurate alternative to site visits.

OmniInspector is a powerful tool which displays high-resolution imagery from linear and real world positions. Mounted on any vehicle, OmniInspector allows images from several different angles to be captured, creating a detailed picture that is available to view within hours of processing.

The tool saves time and lowers costs by allowing you to monitor and maintain the condition of your network infrastructure: all from the safety of your office.

How it works

OmniInspector supports single or multiple views of high resolution camera imagery with a geographical and linear position provided by OmniRTPS.

Recorded data can be quickly converted into a usable format for viewing in OmniInspector. The software is primarily used for inspection of complex site areas where access to site can be difficult to obtain. Applications include virtual cab rides, switch and crossing inspection and overhead line monitoring.

Key features

  • Quick processing and deployment
  • High resolution imagery
  • Supports multiple camera angles
  • Mark features
  • Exportable imagery
  • Geographical and linear positioning


  • Safe and reduces disruption to services
  • Significantly reduces cost
  • Data available quickly and can be reused
  • OmniInspector safe network inspection

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