Interactive gauge builder

Make use of all of the space available to you.

The Interactive Gauge Builder (IGB) provides a process for the development of a vehicle build gauge. Optimising your vehicle design involves balancing the size of the vehicle against the infrastructure. This balance is adjusted by changing the size of the vehicle, or accepting that some structure locations will require modifications. The Interactive Gauge Builder gives you control over this process and allows you to make informed decisions.

How it works

Build gauges are defined using your vehicle’s suspension and the intended route infrastructure. The result is a gauge that is tailored to the infrastructure, maximising the use of space. The effect of adding or removing individual structures can be understood in real-time. This allows you to evaluate your vehicle size against infrastructure modification cost and time constraints.

Key features

  • Real-time editing of the build gauge shows the impact on structure clearances
  • The balance between vehicle size and infrastructure modifications can be quickly found
  • Is built on HyperRouteTM’s fully validated and approved calculations


  • The time for the development of a build gauge is significantly reduced
  • Maximises the use of space
  • Reduces the complexity of introducing a new vehicle design

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